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Friday, October 26, 2007

My New Crusade

by folkbum

How about something competely different? I'm looking for this stuff:

It used to be easily available at Pick-n-Save, but not in the last year or two. Then we could stock up at Target, but not anymore. Sentry's a blank, as well. Peapod is partnered with Roundy's, so I can't even have it delivered. I found one place online that would sell me a ginormous case wholesale, but that's impractical at the other end of the scale.

I know, I know, a good person would make his own enchilada sauce, but I learned about myself many years ago that I am a consumer, not a producer. More importantly, this sauce is inexpensive, comes in a jar so it's easy to save the leftovers, and it's quite tasty.

So I want to harness the power of the blog to track down where I can get my hands on some jars of Pace enchilada sauce. Any ideas?

EXTREMELY LATE UPDATE: I may have a winning replacement.

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