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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Walker Is Either Incompetent or Corrupt

by capper

In this morning's paper, MSJ has a short story in their regional briefs, about the county board continuing to do their corrections to Walker's poorly thought out budget. The corrections made today kept Walker from breaking state laws by eliminating positions that the state has mandated by law. I am not defending the appropriateness of the state laws, but the fact is they exist. The short article also includes these two paragraphs:

Cynthia Archer, Walker's budget director, said she had been unaware of the state laws.

She said, however, that other staffers in those offices could be designated as deputies without having an extra job solely for deputy clerk or deputy register of deeds.

These two lines lead to several questions.

  1. If Cynthia Archer was not aware of the state laws, how can she make a statement regarding how the laws can be enforced?
  2. If Cynthia Archer is not aware of the laws, why is she the budget director?
  3. Why wasn't Walker aware of the state laws?
  4. Didn't Walker read the budget before signing off on it?
  5. Or did he want the illegal measures put in there on purpose, to take the heat off of himself, and on the County Board?
  6. Why is Walker continuously hiring people that cannot do their jobs?
  7. Is Walker really corrupt, or just that incompetent?

For another view on whether Walker is a liar, crooked or incompetent, the Brawler offers us his insight.

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