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Monday, October 22, 2007

Points To Ponder

by capper

Bush and his conservative allies were so dead set against the expansion of SCHIP, that they went to the level of maligning a brain-injured twelve year old boy and his family, even though the allegations were untrue. Bush vetoed the bill, saying that it was a "budget buster". But now we see Bush coming out and asking for another $46 billion (yes, billion, with a B) for the Iraq war. This is on top of the $150+ billion he has already asked for. When can we expect AFP (Agents for Profiteers) to organize a protest rally outside of the White House?

Speaking of AFP, the Recess Supervisor has an interesting post on AFP's latest stunt, giving stuffed pig dolls to state legislators. What really is interesting are the comments to the post, which indicate that the dolls were hand-delivered, by AFP personnel, in U.S. Post Office Envelopes, thereby wasting tax dollars. (Word of warning: I expect St. Fred to come and offer his "real debate" and "civility" in the comments. Do be careful not to get any of his mouth foam on your monitor.)

Remember when France elected Nicolas Sarkozy. The conservatives were dancing in the streets feeling as if this was validation of Bush and his wrong-headed foreign policy. I thought at the time it was just the usual hyperbole and desperate attempts at self-validation the right often exhibits. I was wrong. The guy really is like American conservatives, right down to his family values.

If ethanol gas is so much more expensive to make than ethanol-free gas, why is that gasoline up north, the kind without ethanol, is 15 cents more per gallon?

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