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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton Supports Resolution Prohibiting Funding for Military Action Against Iran

by Michael A. Leon

Hillary has taken a stand against the crazies on Iran, like that looney Lieberman neocon.

From Steve Clemons:

There is breaking news via Taylor Marsh that Hillary Clinton will support Senator Webb's Resolution demanding that the President seek Congressional approval before any military action against Iran and prohibiting the use of funds for military operations in Iran. This is significant news because while Hillary Clinton did support the Kyl-Lieberman Resolution calling for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to be formally labeled a terrorist organization -- and thus providing the President with a potential back door Congressional authorization for yet another war in the Middle East -- her opposition to White House military action against Iran without Congress's sign off cuts a different and healthy direction.

Good for you, Hillary. [On a personal note, I just got done blasting you on the issue elsewhere, and am incorrect in my assessment.]

Below are links to a sample of pieces around the world on various aspects of the war president's next catastrophe.

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