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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cancer Awareness Month

by capper

I meant to post this a few days ago, but it is still relevant today, so that is OK. This past Tuesday is my mother's birthday. She would have been 64 years old this year. She died in 1999, from breast cancer. She never smoked, and almost never drank alcohol. Another thing she didn't do was get regular exams. By the time the cancer was discovered, it was already spreading throughout her body.

Now, unless you have been living under a rock, almost everyone has been touched by breast cancer in one way or another. Maybe your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, coworker, or for the gentler gender, you, has probably been diagnosed or knew someone who was diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most treatable kinds of cancer, but the odds are much greater, if it is caught early enough.

None of this is new to you, I'm sure. But, as it has been discussed at folkbum's and many other blogs on both sides of the political aisle, not everyone has health insurance, or can afford to see the doctor. When they do go, it is usually because they are already very sick, and by then, it may already be too late.

What I am asking of you, gentle reader, regardless of gender, age, or political persuasion, is simply to click on the link below, and then click on the button for a free mammogram for the poor and needy. Then safe the site to your favorites, so that you can do it everyday. It costs you nothing but a few seconds, and it may help save someone else's mother. (There are links at the site for other worthy causes, such as literacy, stray animals, etc.) It is something that my father and I have been doing daily for several years.

And if you are fortunate enough to have health insurance, please, please, make sure your loved one gets into the doctor's office for regular exams.

Here is the link for the The Breast Cancer Site:

Thank you.

Now, back to the bashing...

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