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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Howl Against Censorship, Howl, 50 Years Later

As we fight in this period of American repression, it's nice to mark a victory 50 years of ago when Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg won their victory to publish Howl, a passionate, good-humored, angry cry for love and justice.

Via Pacifica radio:

Fifty years ago, on October 3, Judge Clayton Horn ruled that Allen Ginsberg's great epic Beat-era poem HOWL was not obscene but instead, a work of literary and social merit. This ruling allowed for the publication of HOWL and exonerated the
poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who faced jail time and a fine 50 years ago for publishing "HOWL."

This is great program; following is an audio link to the special Pacifica special: Howl, 50 Years Later (includes Jan. 1959 reading by Ginsberg) and a conversation with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, among other wonderful people.

- HOWL (link to text)

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