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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sad News

by folkbum

Mr Jay Bullock, we received your message and appreciate your taking the time to contact Campbell Soup Company to inquire about our Pace® Enchilada Sauce product. Unfortunately, this product is not currently available.

Tastes and preferences constantly change and there is only so much space on a supermarket shelf. Periodically, we look at the sales for our various products and are forced to make the difficult decision as to which products stay and which must be replaced.

Inquiries such as yours remind us that sales figures aren't the only measure of a product's value. Perhaps one day Pace® Enchilada Sauce product will make its way back to your grocer's shelf.

Thank you for visiting the Pace website.

Pace Web Team

So now I need a suitable replacement. Remember: 1. inexpensive 2. in a jar 3. tasty. Whaddya got?

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