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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The yarmulke as sports apparel?

by bert

Is this funny or yet another bad idea from a radio PR genius?
What makes this event different from all others is that a “Braun for Rookie of the Year” yarmulke is required for admission. The yarmulkes are only available on air nd on site at Milwaukee’s ESPN Radio events.

UPDATE: Boston is already all over this trend:

Fans wore team jerseys and paint on their faces. Young fan Joey Hasson, with his Brookline High School classmate Joe Schacht, showed his pride by wearing a Red Sox team-logo yarmulke.
"I got it from Israel," said Hasson, who added that he hoped the Red Sox players would sign it.
"I had one, too," said Schacht, who wore a more conventional Boston baseball cap. "I lost it."

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