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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Taxing Issues

by capper

There has been some interesting stories evolving around taxes lately.

First there was the AFP (almost a) rally yesterday in Madison. I won't go on to put my spin on the whole affair, because almost every other blogger has. I just wanted to point out one irony. Cory Liebmann at One Wisconsin has linked AFP to Big Oil. So the people that went on behalf of the AFP side of it, apparently have no issue that gas has more than doubled in price in the last few years, with their hard-earned money going to the fat cats of Big Oil, but don't want a few bucks extra on their tax bills. Apparently the issue is they don't mind spending the money, they just want it to go to their kind of people, not for the rest of the riff-raff, like the community in general.

Then, on a more local level, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the story of a guy that escaped from the Community Correctional Center, and then, while on the lam, murdered someone. I would humbly remind the reader of what I have written in the past about the House of Correction, the staffing shortages, and how Scott Walker wants to make the situation even worse:

But even if one was prone to praise Walker for doing this, he takes away any benefits by making the county more unsafe. First he wants to close the Community Correctional Center, and place all the inmates currently on Huber, and give them GPS tracking devices. He rationalizes this as being money saving and that criminals don't need to be locked up at night. Ask any cop and they would tell you the time of the highest amount of crime is in the evening and at night, when these prisoners would have been behind bars.

Walker said that he doesn't care where the criminals sleep at night. The shooting happened at 2:45 a.m. Uh, Mr. Walker, I don't think that the criminals exactly sleep at night. But I bet the victim's family is still thankful that Walker, Tosa Danger, saved them a buck or two on taxes last year. (On a sidenote, Walker is now saying he wants a full investigation and find out who is responsible for this murderer to be on the street and make sure they are disciplined and/or laid off. I can save the taxpayers lots of time right now, if Mr. Walker would turn in his resignation.)

And finally, we have Mr. John Jazwiec, who is now asking for the police to drop the matter of his claim that his house was invaded by a giant, armed robber. It seems that Mr. Jazwiec had developed stage fright due to a giant rabbit. This is the same Mr. Jazwiec that was the right's poster boy for the "tax hell" which was Wisconsin, despite the fact that Jazwiec was trying to angle for his own bit of the public wealth through corporate welfare. So, if Jazzy Jazwiec is so unreliable now, regarding the safety of his own family, and with the safety of his neighbors, how can anyone really believe him to be reliable about anything else, like taxes? Or believe anyone who would use this guy to argue against the need to pay for the necessaary services that the government provides?

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