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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paul Cesarz, Walker's Mini-Me

by capper

County Board Supervisor Paul Cesarz was elected during the first pension scandal. He was the one of the candidates that received backing from CRG (Corrupt Republican Goobers). He has a long history of backing all of Walker's inept decisions and schemes.

Now, you can almost make out Walker's hand going up Cesarz's backside as he comes out with his latest proposal as outlined in JSOnline's Newswatch. Cesarz is proposing to sell part of O'Donnell Park, and using the money from the sale to support the parks. That is kind of like selling the tires off your car to pay for an engine tune up.

Of course, Walker is supporting this maneuver. But this is the same guy that wants to all but give away a good chunk of the county grounds where the greenhouses are, to accompany all the rest of the county grounds which he has already sold off.

Walker's and Mini-Me's rationale for this is to boost the declining public funding that the parks are receiving. Apparently, they are hoping no one notices that they were the ones that have been continuously slashing the funding to the parks in the first place. Or that they were the ones that shot down three different referenda to propose ways to fund the parks.

Not only does Walker have to go, but he can take Mini-Me with him.

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