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Friday, October 12, 2007

Cry Me A River

by capper

UPDATE: Scott Walker is such a tease. From today's full version of the story, MSJ has this:
Walker said it would be unfair to presume he will run and get re-elected, so he wanted to restore the money for a possible successor.
It's really unfair to get a guy's hopes up like that, saying he might not run.

There is a new river in Milwaukee, and it is coming from the office of Milwaukee County Executioner Scott Walker. Walker, who has spent the last six years decimating almost every department and service in the county, somehow felt it OK to increase the budget for his office.

Today, the county board, which has spent the past week correcting most of Walker's short-sighted budget fiasco, continued with their Herculean efforts by eliminating the money Walker wanted to give to his own office.

It turns out that Walker and County Board Chairman Lee Holloway had a deal that they would leave each other's budgets alone. But by proving the adage "There is no honor among thieves", Walker reneged on his end of the deal, and cut the budget for the county board's operation costs. Holloway returned the favor by introducing the cut to the extra funding for Walker's office. It passed 7-0.

Walker, never one to admit to responsibility for his actions, blamed the board's action as retaliation for his not approving their pay raises This is even though the money he cut from the board had nothing to do with the pay raises, and the fact that he admitted he did have an understanding with Holloway not to touch the board's budget.

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