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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WTMJ and the crusade against Miller

by bert

I have only heard enough from talk radio while driving around this week to know that Miller Brewing threatens Christianity.

The San Francisco poster promoting a gay festival that had Miller's logo would in fact offend Christians. I agree. But, as others have said, many gays are as anti-Christian as many Christians are anti-gay. This poster is called pushing buttons.

But Charlie Sykes plays into their ploy, mounting a crusade against Miller Brewing. He and his station mean business too, using their airwaves to encourage beer drinkers to not buy Miller. Although the brewery has backtracked plenty, Charlie continued to attack as of today.

That's selfless of Charlie to air all those callers who swore they'll never again drink Miller, hey? After all, he markets wine as a sideline, and looks to be a chardoney drinker. Maybe, once in a while on game day, he'll slum it and crack open a Zima.

Still, Miller is a Milwaukee institution. So Charlie is righteous and wreckless for taking them on. A man of principle, to h-e-doubletoothpicks with the consequences.

But here's where I need help from other listeners who've heard more than me of AM radio this week. Could you write in and let me know when Charlie and others explained that WTMJ is henceforth refusing to accept advertising from Miller? Isn't a radio boycott of Miller advertising revenue called for here? You know, to save Christianity and stuff.

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