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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sykes berates bloggers: an annotated transcript

by bert

I am adding to Jay's take on today's tempest pitting Charlie Sykes against the blogger with the nom de plume Illusory Tenant. Jay's coverage doesn't need improving, but since I did listen, and in fact record, this part of the Sykes show, I'll add to his post with a transcript (and a rambling rant postscript). This is the part where Sykes takes on the entire species of lefty bloggers in SE Wisconsin.
[Responding to a caller who notes that Illusory Tenant is anonymous] and there are a number of these guys who go under names “capper”, "the other side", and then you have some guys who actually put their names on the websites who engage in this sort of thing as well. And we’ll see whether they respond to this.”

“And now The Left in Milwaukee is doing this and, you know what, I guess I’m fed up with up it. I am just sick and tired of it. I am just sick of tired of the free ride that the Bill Christoffersons, you know, the McCuigans and the other guys like that have gotten spreading this, and they never get called on it. They are not using the c word, I want to make it clear at this point, and I haven’t heard their comments on this. The only guy we know who is using this word is this guy illusory tenant, the bottom-dwelling, anonymous troll slug whose using this word, and some other guy on the other side is actually trying to defend him on this, but we’ll see whether this becomes acceptable."

My response is simply this list of relevant items:

1. If you do a google blog search you will instantly find many pages of posts by right-wing bloggers using the c-word, often preceded by the adjective “f-ing”, to refer to Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Cindy Sheehan. Try this at home.

2. I remember a show over the summer when Charlie discussed sex in bathroom stalls and took at least two callers who talked about the servicing they received there from anonymous females. That show's content may be more vanilla than the c-word, but it was brought to you by a fellow who then comes back and whines about how others are debasing the public discourse.

3. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of the show laughing about the brass balls he got as an award from some group of military types. Then, without my getting into it because you don't want to know, he made a connection, due to color, between roses and Hillary Clinton’s menstruation (“time of the month” was Rush’s terminology). Charlie says it's The Left who has no class.

4. Charlie just wrote a preachy book that tells us that if we get offended, we are supposed to just get over it. (I just plagiarized the Pundit Nation blog for that one).

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