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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Enchilada Sauce Update

by folkbum

This has nothing to do with election, politics, education, or even music which, if the header of this blog is to be believed, I am supposed to be writing about occasionally.

No, it's about sauce.

Long-time readers might recall that 18 months or so ago I took to these pages to bemoan the fact that the Best Enchilada Sauce Ever, made by Pace, was no longer available, with the Campbell's people eventually confirming that it was discontinued. I have actually become the second google hit for the phrase "Pace enchilada sauce." Every couple of months someone else adds a comment to that thread also bemoaning the loss of the sauce. Since then, I've been on a quest for a replacement product.

(My inner Christopher Kimball, and no doubt some of the gourmands among my audience, wants to shame me for not home-cooking my own sauce. However, I learned long ago that I am a consumer, not a producer, and if someone else is good at a particular task or at making a particular product, why should I deprive them of the income by trying to do it myself?)

Here's the best replacement I have found so far: Hatch Tex-Mex style enchilada sauce. It is smokey and flavorful, deeply developed and nicely textured. It lacks some of the bright tomato flavor of the Pace, and I've been considering what I can add to it to perk up that aspect of the sauce. But I have also learned that Hatch makes a sauce called Fire-Roasted Tomato, which might have that tomato flavor I'm missing. Unfortunately, I haven't seen that flavor at the local coop that sells Hatch brand products. I also don't know if I want to drop $14 plus shipping for four cans of the stuff through the mail. So if anyone has seen this on store shelves somewheres, let me know, please!

In short, the Hatch Tex-Mex style is working perfectly well as a replacement for the Pace, and if I can get my mitts on a Fire-Roasted Tomato flavor, it would probably be even better.

Now you can all stop worrying about me and my sauce needs.

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