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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Vote Today

by folkbum

Seems like these come around way too often, but there's an election. Your humble folkbum recommends the following:
  • Statewide
    • Shirley Abrahamson for State Supreme Court
    • Tony Evers for State Superintendent

  • Milwaukee County
    • JD Watts and Ellen Brostrom for circuit court
    • Peter Blewett, Michael Mathias, and Donna Peck for the Milwaukee Board of School Directors
    • Zach Wisniewski for South Milwaukee School Board
There are a bunch of other suburban city-wide positions up for grab that I just haven't been following and cannot intelligently comment upon. (Some of you are probably quite certain that I cannot intelligently comment upon the races I have commented upon.) Whatever your selections, just vote.

UPDATE: Where to vote.

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