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Monday, April 06, 2009

Fernandez supporters campaigning in the wrong election

by folkbum

Aaron Rodriguez--I have thoroughly enjoyed his attempts to persuade people to support an advocate for private interests in her run for public office--has what seems like one last-ditch effort to convince people to vote for Rose Fernandez tomorrow. (The real choice is Tony Evers.)

I think now it's very clear what the problem is: Rodriguez and other Fernandez supporters are busy fighting in the wrong election. Here's how he describes Tony Evers's platform:
Tony Evers will not consider breaking up MPS into smaller districts for the purposes of efficient manageability. He will not lift enrollment caps on virtual schools [. . .]. And he will not lift the enrollment caps for the voucher program in Milwaukee.
Let's pretend that Tony Evers did want to do these things (he doesn't, and these are among the reasons why I support him). He can't. The state superintendent of schools does not have the authority to do any one of these things. State law sets governance for MPS; state law caps virtual school enrollment; state law caps voucher enrollment. The state superintendent of schools is not a legislator or the governor and has no control over state law.

On the off chance that Fernandez wins tomorrow, supporters will be sorely disappointed that they elected someone promising reform she cannot deliver to an office she apparently does not understand. Evers, on the other hand, has offered plans and policies fully within the scope of the office. He also has a track record of working with legislators--as opposed to Fernandez, who has a track record of working with lobbyists. I know who I trust more to get real reform done, and who is sadly quixotic.

Vote Tony Evers tomorrow, please.

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