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Friday, March 24, 2006

This Blog will not be Regulated


The FEC seems to have issued its draft rules clarification for internet communications. I am pleased (my italics):
How do the new rules affect bloggers?
Bloggers will not be regulated under the new rules. Uncompensated blogging, whether done by an individual or a group of individuals, is exempt from regulation under the new individual Internet exemptions. (§ 100.94 and § 100.155). These exemptions are extended to incorporated blogs that are wholly owned by an individual or individuals, are engaged primarily in Internet activities, and derive a substantial portion of their income from their Internet activities. Additionally, a blogger or blog may qualify for the media exemption. (§100.73 and § 100.132)
So I can continue on in my state of mind that I am, in fact, mainstream media.

The other nice rule is that I won't have to disclose or disclaim if a candidate (cough, cough, hint) hires me to blog for him/ her. I would, of course, disclose, but only after someone (cough, cough) does hire me.

Assuming the FEC adopts this draft. Which they should. Wouldn't want them to harsh on my media state of mind.

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