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Saturday, March 18, 2006

BlogFest 06 over and done with

For one, I didn't win Blogger of the Year. That would be Dennis York, whose acceptance speech can be seen here (opens the video).

For two, I didn't come to blows with Owen. Or Sykes, McBride, DiGaudio, or anyone, for that matter. I did, however, kill James Wigderson and stuff him in the bathroom trash can.

I got a chance to talk face-to-face to a whole lot of very nice people. I have some specific thoughts on some of the things covered in the sessions, but I won't get to them right now. Except for one thing: John McAdams said something that explains a lot, about a lot of things. In a discussion of the "mainstream media"--that dreaded MSM--he said "Mainstream Media is a state of mind."

State of mind.

(Feldstein accutely translated that into "MSM is anyone I disagree with.")

So, here's what I've decided: I am MSM. If all it is is a state of mind, then, well, I have that state. I am MSM. So you can all begin to treat me accordingly.

When do the paychecks start coming?

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