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Sunday, March 05, 2006

METRA in Milwaukee

I had a dream last night--don't ask me why--that Milwaukee had a subway system, although instead of really being a subway, it was more like a roller coaster that ran through downtown and all around the area. Not exactly the same thing.

Back in reality, I see Mayor Tom Barrett has the idea of expanding the METRA rail service, which is slated to stop at the Amtrak station downtown, out to Miller Park and State Fair Park. Seems like the perfect way to get more people to these places with less need for parking at the venues. Now Chicagoans who want to go see a game at Miller park have to navigate the maze of under-construction freeways, adding to Milwaukee's congestion. The traffic around State Fair Park during the fair is awful, and trying to park anywhere nearby is a real bear. If I could hop on a train to get to State Fair, or the Brewers, or Summerfest, I'd consider it more than I do now.

It also seems like the existing tacks and METRA's willingness to invest in Southeastern Wisconsin make the plan a natural fit.

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