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Friday, March 24, 2006

Feingold, Berkman, Bowers, 'bum

I figure since this was a slow news day in Wisconsin politics, you'd be interested to know this . . .

I had a chance to call in and say "hey" to Chris Bowers of MyDD, who was on Dave Berkman's Wisconsin Public Raido show "Media Talk" this afternoon. Chris was on to talk about how and whether Russ Feingold can be helped by the "netroots" of the liberal blogosphere. The talk eventually got around to similarities and differences between Russ and Howard Dean, so, of course, I had to call in. My point was that Feingold seems to have the pulse of the people a little better (ironic, since Dean is an M.D.!); Dean was occasionally too far out in front. Dean was right, of course--as demonstrated by Glenn Greenwald here and here--but the Democratic electorate and voters in general weren't quite there with him.

As I've said several times recently, Russ seems to have struck at just exactly the moment when the Democrats (by which I mean voters, not senators) are behind him. That is a powerful statement of Feingold's electoral and campaign acumen, though not, judging by the response of his peers, his political acumen.

At any rate, I was much less eloquent on the air (isn't that always the way?), but you can listen to the whole hour online once the audio is posted. Look for the 3/24 edition of the show, not the 3/10 edition, which also has Chris's name, since Chris was scheduled and had to cancel that day.

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