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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Front-Page Blunder

Yesterday, Seth caught a mistake on page A1 of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Here’s the first line of the article in question: “An analysis by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released Monday says taxpayers could have saved up to $1.9 billion in state taxes over 20 years if revenue limits had been in place” (emphasis mine).

Interesting opener, I thought, considering the LFB report does not deal specifically with taxes and neither does the constitutional amendment it analyzes. The issue at hand for both is revenue.
Seth, who's been doing great work on the ins and outs of the TP Amendment, goes into why, exactly, the article both factually inaccurate why the LFB study should not be heralded the way it has been.

Today, the error is on page B1, which is the front page of the Metro section, in the headline "2 schools will be dropped from voucher program." The article in question is about two schools, yes, including Tucker's Institute of Learning, a school in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. Tucker is being dropped by the Department of Public Instruction immediately, and demanding a refund, because there are questions about the attendance figures it reported. (Speaking of attendance, the MPS schools who now will take those students in will get--you guessed it--not one cent to cover the cost of educating them for the rest of the year.)

The other school, however, is an MPS charter school, Pheonix High School. Pheonix is not being closed now; it is just not having its contract renewed for next year. And it is not at all a voucher school.

Update: The title of the on-line story now reads, "2 schools will be dropped from voucher, charter programs."

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