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Monday, March 20, 2006

Misplaced Republican Priorities

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Republican National Committee is planning to run ads against just-elected Russ Feingold, when it can't even scare up a serious challenger to up-this-year Herb Kohl?

On top of that the ads are misleading in the worst way:
The ad describes Feingold as the "leader" of a group of Democrats "working against" the president's efforts to "secure our country" by monitoring terrorist communications and disrupting terrorist plots.
I'd like to see the transcript of any speech, press conference, or mutterings in his sleep in which Feingold said he did not want the president to surveil potential terrorists or protect the US from attack. Show me any Democrat who's said this. The spying in and of itself was never, ever the problem; the problem is that the spying is occuring oustide the bounds of the law and the president is thumbing his nose at the Congress, our Federal system, and the American people.

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