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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

McIlheran Watch: He only sees out of his right eye

The bad thing about Patrick McIlheran's having a blog is that now there's daily wingnuttery to combat (though still no Saturdays! and his posts are less than 700 words, which either makes it easy for me or just means it's higly conentrated wingnuttery). Today, he takes another swipe at those radical 1960s (live in the past, much?) in discussing the Supreme Court decision yesterday that said, basically, if a university accepts federal money, it can't bar military recruiters.
Academic opposition to the recruiters was about more than the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuals in the barracks. It was about the 1960s. [. . .] The lawsuit began--in trying to overturn the discreet deliberate ignorance of service members' sex habits--by trying to make an active acceptance of homosexuality in the military part of the normalization of homosexuality in American culture. It ended up, instead, by putting in doubt the ability of colleges to maintain their Vietnam-era disdain for ROTC.
It continues to amaze me that the right-wing media's message hasn't changed in 35 years.

It does not surprise me that P-Mac then approvingly links to three conservative bloggers' takes on the case, making it seem--at least to those familiar with the idea that the blogsphere might have two sides--that the conservatives feel smugly victorious in their triumph over liberal academe. He neglects to mention (or fails to notice) that the decidedly liberal Daily Kos--the biggest blog on the planet--had a front-page post called SCOTUS Gets it Right on Military Recruiting . . .

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