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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Wish . . .

. . . everybody coming here looking to disagree with me on the whole Feingold censure thing would read at least the bullet points that explain both why the domestic spying program terrorist surveillance program is illegal and why censure is reasonable.

. . . there was a reverse Google. You put in a website, and the reverse Google will tell you what search strings will return that website as the number one regular Google hit.

. . . I had a hybrid. I admit it. I have Prius envy.

. . . I didn't have to report that the "market" has failed yet again in the Milwaukee voucher program. DPI has stepped in to close Tucker's Institute of Learning. Once again, this should be the responsibility of the parents--parents who, because of the reluctance of Republicans and choice proponents to support real accountability, don't have the information or empowerment to close the school themselves.

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