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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Feingold decidedly in the middle

The full version of the story noted just below about the ads running against Russ Feingold brings in the Newsweek poll on censure:
In a nationwide Newsweek Poll of registered voters conducted March 16 and 17, 42% supported censure and 50% opposed it. Among Democrats, 60% supported censure and 30% opposed.
What was that about the far-left of the far left again? A majority of Democrats and a sizable chunk of everybody in general seem on board; that's hardly fringe.

And the people up north seem to be in favor of censure, too:
While Feingold's censure bid caused a commotion inside the Washington Beltway and on the ever-expanding blogosphere, it was just one of many issues brought up by his constituents, who deal with real-life concerns such as farming, education, health care and Social Security.

But when Feingold made his case to censure the president, he received sustained applause from a crowd of nearly 100 people at the Belle Plaine Community Center in Shawano County.
Again, a crowd of people from the not exactly "liberal oasis" areas of the state--Madison or Milwaukee--showing support for the idea of forcing the president to follow the law. This is not the fringe!

Can you all stop saying that now?

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