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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What's Left? (With apologies to Carrie Lynch)

By Keith Schmitz

The Horse's Mouth Blog over at the American Prospect brings up an interesting point on the war on terror and how this last issue is melting away from the GOP.

POLL: AMERICANS PREFER DEMOCRATS FOR WAR ON TERROR. It will be very interesting indeed to see what sort of play this gets, if any. As Jamison Foser wrote recently, your typical media commentator will keep repeating the idea that the GOP is politically strong on national security as surely as his leg will jerk forward when the doctor hits his knee with a rubber mallet.

But guess what? Buried in today's big Washington Post poll is a startling number: It shows that respondents actually trust Democrats more than Republicans not just to do the right thing about Iraq, but to better handle the broader war on terror, too. To see the number, click right here.

If future polls show the same, it'll be interesting to see how much longer commentators keep repeating the idea that national security issues are an automatic winner for the GOP, and a sure loser for Dems.

--Greg Sargent

UPDATE: Don't miss the extensive look Foser has now posted at Media Matters about how WaPo consistently ignores its own polls (like the one cited above) to reflexively argue that national security's always a winner for Republicans.

Of course the beat will go on over at the conservative blogs and the Milwaukee Journal. The rest of us are catching on.

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