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Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The Last Weekend Before School Starts Edition*

1. "Meet James Ensor" They Might Be Giants from John Henry
2. "The Dream" Peter Mulvey from Rapture
3. "First Light" Béla Fleck from Tales from the Acoustic Planet
4. "Love Throws a Line" Patty Griffin from impossible Dream
5. "Untouchable Face" Ani DiFranco from Dilate
6. "Maryland Count Road" Eric Wheeler from Almost Like Tonight
7. "Things You Do to Me" Martin Sexton from Live at Gathering of Spirits
8. "Orange Juice Blues" Bob Dylan and the Band from The Basement Tapes
9. "Train" The Nields from Play
10. "Frankie" Sons of the Never Wrong from 4 Ever On

* For my newish readers, the FRT is the first ten songs that pop up on your iTunes/ iPod/ MP3 player-like device . . .

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