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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Further Proof that Al Gore is Satan

by folkbum

Kidding, of course. But ActBlue has a promotion going on that may arouse your suspicions:
As someone fundraising for Democratic candidates, you're part of the Democratic wave that's sweeping our nation--and you've already helped raise over $7 million for our candidates!

We know you're capable of more in these crucial last months before the election, and we want to help you maximize your impact this fall.

That's why we'll be sending copies of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's phenomenal new book (and companion to his phenomenal movie) to everyone who raises a total of $600 from at least 6 donors by September 6th!
Are you with me? 600 from 6 donors by the 6th, and I get an Al Gore book!

Here's my ActBlue page, which is chock-full of good races and candidates to support, including the WI-08 CD, which remains one of Hotline's top thirty hot races this fall. Sure, it's fallen to number 30, but still . . .

One other thing to notice about that list of races: None of the top ten, only one of the top 15, and only four of the top 30 seats up for grabs are Democratic seats. Even of the top 50, only ten are currently held by Democrats. And, with it clear that more terror threats don't automatically boost Republicans ratings any more, I'm felling slightly more optimistic about our chances in November.

You can help by giving.

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