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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Class Warfare Continues

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities sees the Republican dominated Senate as "putting their cards on the table" as to how the tax cuts for the wealthy will eventually be paid if they are made permanent. In June, the Senate Budget Committee approved legislation(S.3521)that is being touted as a "vision statement" that would drastically cut domestic programs over time. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, and other conservative groups are hailing the legislation which will probably not be passed this year.

From the article:

"If the tax cuts are extended, entitlement programs would have to be cut $206 billion a year by 2012. If these savings were achieved through the bill’s automatic entitlement cuts, there would be deep cuts in everything from Medicare and veterans disability compensation to school lunches and assistance for the elderly and disabled poor."

Such pain can be avoided however:

Yet the bill’s deficit target in 2012 would be met without such budget cuts if the tax cuts were not extended or were financed through revenue-raising measures. Essentially, the bill charts a course under which the bill’s severe domestic program cuts would be used to pay for the tax cuts, rather than to reduce deficits.

Republicans often claim outrage at the thought of class warfare. Perhaps this outrage is only when the lower and middle class fight back. I cast my vote with those who would not make the tax cuts permanent.

Update-Bonddad agrees!

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