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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Selling... the book I wrote.

As I've done two real posts, I figure now I've earned the privilege to put in a small plug for the book of mine that's being published in September, as Jay has so kindly given his permission.

For all you blog addicts, I regret to inform you there is nothing political in it. Perhaps this is a good thing. Rather, it's a short fiction novella (125 pages) targeted around a subject very dear to me, distance running. I won't go too much into detail and abuse my space privileges. But if you might be interested in taking a look, there's more information at

The book is set to be released September 18th and should be available through and the publisher website at The price is $9.95

A public relations firm is also currently working to secure distribution in running stores and other venues. If you'd like me to e-mail you once it's availble, simply send me an e-mail at and I'd be happy to alert you when it's printed. Thanks for your support. Thanks to Jay for allowing me to do this.

And don't forget to read the quote at the top of the website from an advanced reading done by the 2004 women's Olympic marathon bronze medalist! She was too kind.

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