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Monday, August 07, 2006

Mark Green Defender of UW Students?

By grumbleberries

Candidate Green made a stop in Janesville last Thursday and made numerous points about how he "would fix Doyle's errors". According to Friday's (8/4/06) Janesville Gazette, Green stated:

"I support a cap on tuition increases" he said. "You can't balance the budget on the backs of in-state students...It was Jim Doyle's Board of Regents that raised tuition."

Having a son attending one of our fine Universities, I share the pain of the tuition increases but what about that troublesome Representative Green voting record?

US Representative Green cast the deciding vote in February to slash student aid by nearly $12 billion, the largest cut in the program's history. [Source: HRS653, Vote 4, 2/1/06]

US Representative Green voted against increases for Pell grants for our neediest students. [Sources: HR2863, Vote 668, 12/18/05; HR3010, Vote 573, 11/8/05; HR3010, Vote 320, 6/24/05]

Assemblyman Green repeatedly voted to increase tuition at the University of Wisconsin System when he was in the Assembly. [Sources: 1993 SB44, 1995 AB150, 1997 AB100]

Sorry Mark and Friends, this voting record doesn't seem particularly student or parent friendly. Enough said!

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