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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hire the Government You Want

Posted by grumbleberries

Perusing the news and blogs for topics of which to blog the past few days is an act of desperation given the overshadowing events of the middle east. The news and pictures from Lebanon and Iraq are ones that make the problems in Wisconsin seem miniscule by comparison. The Daily Star, Lebanon's English paper, accounts and pictures are particularly touching.
One is left to wonder how and why we are in the situation that we are in worldwide.
Despite campaigning as the anti-government party the Republicans ended up in power. They are firmly in control of the Federal government and are threatening to control Wisconsin as well. Their hatred of public institutions is well known as they spread the mantra of tax cuts and privatization to every corner of our government. Governmental appointments are often made based upon the level of hostility one shows for that particular department. Hence the FEMA, EPA, Department of Education, tand the UN delegation are all headed by those whose main goal is to destroy or seriously disrupt the entity which they head.
All in all, it is a little hard to blame the Republicans who are doing exactly what they have said they were going to do. Perhaps it is time to place the blame on those who have put this group in office. So here are a few questions for those who voted for the Republicans:
  1. When you have your car repaired, do you take it to a mechanic who hates working on cars?
  2. When you go to the Doctor, do you choose one who hates treating people?
  3. Would you hire a babysitter who hated kids?
  4. Why then do you continue to vote for those who hate government?

To continue to vote these guys into office and expect efficient good government is to expect the impossible. It is long past time to hire people who can and want to do a good job.

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