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Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a Campaign

By Keith Schmitz

It would be nice if Mark Green could cut the crap on the embryonic stem issue.

In the real world, just about all cutting edge research needs some level of federal research. Cut the funding virtually cuts the throat of the project. We wouldn't have many drugs in the fight against cancer and other diseases without the federal government to fund the risky research.

The lying liars in the "pro-life" movement know that. Of course Green voted against federal funding to support it.

Simple test. Until Green comes out and explicitly states he is for embryonic stem cell research, and would push for its growth in the UW system we can assume he is pretty much against it.

The fact that he does not indicates the high level of popular support for the research and that Green knows it, so therefore the dodge and the BS.

Can the people who are so much against gay rights ever be straight with us?

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