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Saturday, August 12, 2006

G-berries Makes Amazing Progress

By grumbleberries

Grumbleberries is over a month old and according to the latest Zogby poll of Dems, I've made tremendous progress. I am no longer part of the lunatic left fringe! Now I don't know if I changed or the country has changed but according to the latest poll:

  1. 78% of Democrats are pleased with the primary election results in which Ned Lamont defeated Joe Lieberman.
  2. 62% feel that the CT election will have national ramifications.
  3. 70% feel that the CT primary has made the Democratic party much stronger or somewhat stronger.
  4. 62% feel that the primary increased the chances that Democrats will take over one or both houses of Congress.
  5. 62% are more optimistic than 30 days ago.
  6. 78% want Democratic candidates to oppose the war in Iraq.
  7. 68% disagree that the Democratic Party has been taken over by the far left. (Only 16% agree)

Even when I consider the margin of error, I am still well within the thinking of most of the nations democrats! Imagine that!

The unification of the "disorganized" party must have come as a terrible shock to Republicans who, despite claiming that they are not driven by polls, fired up the great Wurlitzer on terrorist threats again this week. One cannot argue that they are extremely good at making noise!

Other things the Republicans are extremely good at:

  1. Lying
  2. Attacking the opposition.
  3. Distraction
  4. Fear mongering
  5. Hiring incompetent cronies
  6. Securing tax breaks for those who do not need them
  7. Yelling privatization at every opportunity
  8. Add your own favorite

The truth is the Republicans "got nuthin" left with the possible exception of attacking Iran. (I have serious doubts whether that would win people over.)Observe the evidence that they have nothing left:

  1. All national polls have the Repugs at their lowest point.
  2. Polls have Dems at their highest point.
  3. The Red Terror Alert, although the focus of the past few days MSM, hardly slowed down passengers. Think of it, if you were really concerned during a RED alert, would you get on an airplane?
  4. All the political commentary from the right wing is warning the dems that they have gone off the left wing cliff. Take this as an indication that we are indeed doing something correctly!
  5. The Democratic Leadership is starting to usher itself to the front of the parade!
  6. The Republican taking heads are hysterical!

The hysterical scare mongering is only going to get worse from now until the November elections. We are winning and the louder it gets from the right, the more likely we are to win in the fall. When we hear the noise from the Wurlitzer, we should realize that they are playing our song!

Update, within minutes of my post Georgia10 at DailyKos posted this.

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