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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Selling Bush

By Keith R. Schmitz
When W turns over the keys to the White House at the end of January 2009, what will he leave behind?

Ike, perhaps one of the most underappreciated presidents of all had a number of programs that led to the building of the middle class. JFK had the space program and stood down the Soviets over the missile crisis. LBJ had the Medicare and the Civil Rights Act. Nixon offered up the Earned Income Credit, the EPA and opened up China. Reagan had the fall of the Communist empire. Bush I pushed the Iraqis out of Kuwait. Clinton fostered peace and prosperity.

Note that for both Republican and Democrat administrations I am focusing on the positive.

Your assignment class, especially those you who support George, is to come up with the positive, major things he will be remembered for in history. This is an election year, many people read this blog, and you can help your cause if you can come up with something.

I myself need educating on this and would love to find out what these are, and I will refrain comment on what you offer up.

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