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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Green Campaign -- Home of the Whopper

By Keith Schmitz

Had the pleasure of getting a double dose of conservatism yesterday, listening to Wall Street Journal editorial writer and Club for Shrinkage founder Stephen Moore, preceded by GOP gubernatorial candidate Congressman Mark Green.

Moore was a very engaging speaker and a rather nice guy, but at 56 I’m a little old for Fairytale Theater.

Nevertheless, couldn’t have gotten more for my entertainment dollar.

As for Green his speech was full of knee slappers and groaners, and here is one of my favorites.

Green made the comment that he supports capping government spending at all levels. Considering his voting record in Congress apparently Green doesn’t regard federal as being a level of government.

Green painted a picture of our state’s economy being so bad that you swore Prozac is funding his campaign.

For example, Green asserted that over the past two years only two states had worse job growth than Wisconsin, and those were hit by Katrina.

Huh? Maybe I misunderstood his concept of job growth and maybe I don’t understand numbers but check out the latest from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Run down the list. As of July, Wisconsin’s unemployment stood at 5.0%. Not too bad but many states did better. However, may states had higher unemployment than Wisconsin.

Maybe Green meant in the number of jobs created in the past year. Only 37,000 new jobs were sprung up in Wisconsin in the last year. Many states with larger population germinated fewer jobs.

Granted, Colorado, the TABOR paradise grew 72,000 new jobs but that is not exactly blowing our doors off or those of its neighboring states.

Our Midwestern neighbors did little better than us and Illinois in fact not as good.

As an extra bonus to cap off my morning State Rep. Frank Lasee told me how he was discouraging someone from moving into Wisconsin because of taxes.

These people are not exactly what you’d call Badger Boosters.

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