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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh, Really Now, Mr. Walker

by capper

In this morning's paper, they cover the last two debates between Senator Lena Taylor and Scott Walker. The debates have gone as they have been recently. Senator Taylor points out the problems that have occurred under Walker's watch and the need to fix them. Walker smirks and blames someone else.

The thing that caught my eye was the last paragraph of the article:

"I've kept all the promises I've made," Walker said. "I think they should judge me based on my record."
After cleaning up my morning cup of coffee that I spewed all over the kitchen upon seeing this, I had to laugh. He is such a tool. He apparently forgot his promise not to even run again, which he broke. He forgot his promise not to go gung-ho on privatizing everything he can, allowing chunks of the county to go to the highest campaign-donor bidder. Yup, he broke this one too. He also made a promise to not follow Ament's example of cronyism. Ooopsie.

In fact, looking at the promises he has made, and giving him the benefit of the doubt for the items I haven't had time to research more thoroughly, and giving him the further benefit of granting him the debatable ones, he barely kept one third of his promises, none of them the major ones either.

Would this make him a lying hypocrite, or just a hypocritical liar?

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