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Monday, March 17, 2008

Iraq -- 5 Years Past and Still Clueless

By Keith Schmitz

We beat Germany and Japan, two of the world's greatest powers in three years and eight months.

We have been at it in Iraq for five years with no end in sight.

So riddle me this. George Bush keeps talking about victory in Iraq. John McCain is running on victory in Iraq (my friends).

My question is, has victory ever been defined? Don't you think that with all of the money that has been stuffed down that rat hole and all of the lives wasted of our soldiers and their families and of the the people in Iraq, shouldn't there be some definition of what in the world victory is?

And I'm not talking about some vague generalities but a hard, take it to the bank definition.

Or is it Bush (make that Cheney) really don't want us out of Iraq kind of like the endless war in 1984, but are banking on the blind support of their followers not to beg the question.

UPDATE -- Ten hours later and none of the best and brightest in the rightwing cheddarsphere have stepped up with a definition of victory in Iraq.

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