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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Internet MUST Be Regulated--NOW!!!!

by folkbum

Remember back when the FEC wanted to regulate political speech on the internet? There were these fears that anonymous groups, some even paid for by lobbyists or corporations or campaigns, would create content and ads and videos that could undermine the democratic process. I remember that fight--I followed that one closely and I was initially relieved when the commissioners decided that speech on blogs and so forth was as protected as any newspaper or other news outlet that offered editorial content.

Well, I have changed my mind. I have seen one of those anonymous videos, and it is so awe-inspiring, so overwhelming, and so insidious, that it needs to be banned. I do not know how anyone can watch it and not be moved to vote for McCain.

Quite simply, it is so powerful that I am willing to surrender the autonomy I have on this blog over to the FEC just to be rid of this thing. You can watch it below, but I warn you--it is nearly too much to handle.

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