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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A bit of an update

by folkbum

I have no idea who will win the primary fights here in Ohio today. The little bit of TV I've seen suggests that Obama* is winning the air war. In terms of yard signs, it's all Ron Paul all the time.

My dad is doing better. He's breathing on his own again and responsive and alert and recognizing people. He was even able to point when his doctor asked him where it hurt. We're still in the woods, but everyone is so much more upbeat today. We have no diagnosis yet, though.

* I'm in Panera for some soup and some WiFi, and there's a woman in an Obama shirt who seems to be coordinating volunteers or something, also having some WiFi, on her phone talking about the Clinton campaign's attempts at voter misdirection at the polls. The things you overhear ...

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