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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Frustrated Update

by folkbum

There is so much that is frustrating. Most immediately, there's this, which caused my flight out of Dayton to be canceled this morning (after last night's flight was canceled due to weather). The Dayton Int'l Airport has free WiFi, which is how I can do this blogging now. But there is kind of a blizzard going on here. Apparently, some airlines are shutting down operations from DAY, but the airport may remain open long enough for my Midwest Connect flight to get in from MKE and back out.

We still don't have a diagnosis for my father. The best his original docs could come up with was possibly encephalitis, but with no clear cause. He is now at the University of Cincinnati in the Neuroscience ICU. He's lucid (mostly), and aware, but not whole yet. That's also quite frustrating.

So it's been a long week, and I just want to go home and crash before work Monday. But I may not ever get out of here.

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