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Monday, March 10, 2008

Common Courtesy

by capper

Life happens to everyone. People get sick, family members get sick, snowstorms block travel, garages fall on cars, all sorts of emergencies can happen. When they do, most people will apologize, and give as much warning as possible. Others don't show that same level of consideration.

All Politics, the political blog at JSOnline, reported this afternoon that Senator Taylor has notified them that she is unable to attend tomorrow's forum. She notified people a full day ahead of time. Compare that to Walker, who notified people that already trundled out into a very cold night, ten minutes before the debate, via a gofer. No explanation except for an undefined "scheduling conflict."

Furthermore, Senator Taylor is not going to be able to attend due to the fact that she will be doing the job she currently has, has a state senator. When Walker was running his failed bid for governor in 2006, he was not keeping up on his duties to the county. I remember all the shootings in the park on Memorial Day weekend. I remember the reports of the mentally ill living in squalid conditions. I remember budget crises (well those are an annual affair for Walker). What I don't remember is Walker being here to address any of these issues. He was too busy campaigning.

And while I'm making comparisons, there are a lot of right wingers, including the troll who only identifies itself as "GO LENA", that likes to link to a YouTube video of Senator Taylor having a lapse and some confusion during a session in the Senate. Here is a video showing Walker at his finest, demonstrating his oratory deftness:

And I would be remiss not to show this photo, from Milwaukee Rising, showing Walker in all of his statesman-like elegance:

Funny, but I always thought one grew a long nose when lying. I didn't know they grew horns.

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