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Friday, March 14, 2008

McAuliffe Cuts (the video feed) and Runs

By Keith Schmitz

Surprisingly with all of the dissection going on of the Democratic Presidential candidates, this one didn't make it on the cable news shows.

Last week on Bill Maher's "Real Time" Clinton campaign chair Terry McAuliffe was on live during an early part of the show.

McAuliffe stepped into a grilling so sizzling you could almost smell the hot grease. That's the risk anyone runs when they offer themselves up on "Real Time."

Russert and others who head up interview shows want to have the guests come back and so they pull punches.

Maher on the other hand subjects his guests to pointed questions -- and follow ups.

Apparently the McAuliffe or someone on the Clinton staff couldn't take the heat about Hillary's experience and her praising John McCain , so to get him out of the kitchen something unusual happened. Someone cut the feed.

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