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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gun Ownership -- You Know What I'm Driving at

By Keith Schmitz

As a dovetail to 3rd Way's post below, I read a great analogy but it is driving me nut where I saw it so pardon me to the originator.

The gun lovers think they are very clever when they bring up that cars kill people just like guns, so why aren't we trying to limit access to cars as we are with guns.

Nevermind that the intent of a gun is to maim and kill (and get your jollies shooting and listening to it go off), while cars have 100,000 uses and the taking of life is not at all the primary intent.

So be it. Let's treat guns like we treat cars. So therefore a gun owner would have to be licensed and ownership recorded, a gun would have to have a traceable serial number and every time that gun changes hands there must be a transaction recorded with the state.

Oh, and the ower of the gun would have to carry insurance in case someone is accidentally injured or killed by the gun.

Works for me.

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