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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Voice Made for Blogging . . .

. . . and a face made for radio.

by folkbum

Milwaukee's public radio station, WUWM (available at 89.7 FM on the radio dial--yes, people, there's an entire band of radio out there that is not AM!--and via streaming audio at, is doing a series this year on Wisconsin bloggers on their "Lake Effect" program. They are starting the series with a handful of political bloggers this week: I'm on Monday, Michael Mathias of Pundit Nation is scheduled for Wednesday, and Rick Esenberg of Shark and Shepherd will appear this week as well.

I'm apparently leading off the show Monday. Jane Hampden, the host and producer, begins the interview by saying I've been called Milwaukee's premier liberal blogger, or somesuch. That kind of threw me for a loop--I don't call myself that--and the rest of the interview just went downhill.

If you can't catch the show when it airs Monday at 10 AM and 11 PM, you can always listen to the on-line archives the next day.

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