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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ending 2007 On A High Note

by capper

As one could logically infer from my last post, I was a little fed up with the state of blogging and the high and mighty approach some people have been taking. Fortunately for me, and you, the reader, I was able to get away from the computer and have some quality time in the woods. Nothing like the peace and quiet of nature to get oneself grounded again.

Even though I was away from the computer, I was not away from blogging. I had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with Billiam of View From the Cheap Seats. I know, I know-I was taking a big risk by putting my anonymity on the line, not to mention meeting with a conservative blogger (with an odd fixation with duct tape) on my own. But I know that Tim Rock had met with him and survived, and I believed that Billiam was a man of enough integrity that he would not "out" me and blow my anonymity.

But I found Billiam to be a decent sort of fellow and we hit it off rather well. Our conversation went all over the map from local politics (taxes) to international events (the Bhutto assassination) to the state of blogging. We disagreed on many things, but always civilly. No name calling, no threats, no acts of desperately stretching a point beyond credibility.

The uplifting things were where we found common ground. There was much more than one might have thought. And even where we disagreed, we were able to understand where the other person was coming from.

I know that this is nothing new. As I already mentioned, Tim had met Bill, and survived. Jay was even courageous enough to be seen on public television with Owen Robinson, and they didn't kill each other.

I was just happy to have my faith in the world restored a little bit.

Now back to the bashing...

(Sidenote to Tim: Bill said that the three of us should get together. You don't have a duct tape fixation as well, do you?)

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