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Friday, January 04, 2008

RIP, Judicial Ethics

by folkbum

A panel of three appeals judges recommended Thursday that state Supreme Court Justice Annette K. Ziegler be reprimanded by her colleagues on the high court for mishandling cases when she was a Washington County circuit judge. [. . .]

Ziegler should have known not to handle those cases, the panel said in its unanimous recommendation.

"Red flags of danger were prominently flying," the panel wrote. "Justice Ziegler did not see them."

But the panel also found Ziegler acted "without moral culpability" because she did not mean to violate the ethics code and did not benefit herself or her family by ruling on the cases.
Well, gosh, officer, I didn't mean to speed by so much, and, I mean, it's not making me rich or anything . . . how about just a warning?

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