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Saturday, January 26, 2008

For your calendar-marking pleasure

by folkbum

As some of you may suspect, I play folk music. [pause for gasps of surprise] You'll have two, maybe three, chances to see me perform in the coming months.

First, on Saturday, February 16, I will be one of eight finalists in the Coffee House's annual Midwinter Talent Contest. I have been a finalist twice before (25 more times and Katherine Heigl will make a movie about it), and lost twice before. Will history repeat? Will me thousands of adoring fans (as I'm sure you'll all come to the show) sway the judges in may favor? Will I crack up on stage and start sobbing like a little kid? Find out at the show! Starts at 8 PM, admission is a mere $3.50. Follow the links for directions and other information.

Also at the Coffee House--the only place that will have me?--is the annual New Song Concert featuring the Portage Road Songwriters Guild, which is the songwriting group I belong to. That's coming up on Saturday, May 10. (Saturday, May 3, is the showcase for the winners of the Talent Contest. If I win, place, or show on Feb. 16, I will be playing that night, as well.)

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