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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote suppression

Failing to field positive candidates, the National Republican Campaign Committee has resorted to voter suppression through misleading and, in some places, illegal robo-calling. See this Josh Marshall post for a clear description of the scam. They'll get socked with tens of millions in fines, at least, for violating do-not-call lists. They should get socked with worse than that.

And, yeah, yeah, tire slashing was wrong. I said it two years ago, I'll say it again. But this is a clearly coordinated move by the national committee--the same folks who were convicted in a similar scheme four years ago. Josh marshall said it best in a different post:
Only one party has a nationwide campaign to deliver millions of intentionally-harassing calls disguised to appear that they're from the opposite party. That party is the Republican party. And the calls are funded by the NRCC--the House GOP election committee. It's the party of election subversion. Deal with it.

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