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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems take the State Senate. First on the agenda?

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I was going to bed. But this is the first election night in a long time that I'm enjoying. I have to savor this.

With the Senate going in at 19 Republicans to 14 Democrats, we needed three seats to win control. I believe we've got four, as I write this. UPDATE: We do have four. We won all four races, though Zien-Kreitlow was tight and will undoubtedly be recounted.

SD-05: Jim Sullivan has handily defeated incumbent loon Tom Reynolds. With 100% reporting, Sullivan has 36,144 votes (52%) to Reynolds's 33,691 (48%). There's no checkmark yet, but I can't imagine this won't get called for Jim.

SD-21: John Lehman spanked Bill McReynolds in a race for an open seat. With 100% in, it's Lehman 31,736 (53%) and McReynolds 28,069 (47%)

SD-23: This is the one I don't know yet. Pat Kreitlow is trying to unseat another incumbent loon, Dave Zien. With 81% Kreitlow's at 30,119 (51%) and Zien has just 29,063 (49%). Watch it here.

SD-31: Farmer Kathleen Vinehout is also out to beat an incumbent Republican, Ron Brown. has called this race, but other outlets haven't. I trust that the result will hold, though. With 90% reporting, Vinehout has 28,250 (51%) and Brown has 26,884 (49%). Watch it here.

If Kreitlow holds on, we'll have an 18-15 advantage--we'll have flipped that Senate right around.

Now the question is, with a D Senate and a D Gov, we can set the agenda. What's first? Campaign finance reform? Re-doing the school funding formula? Civil unions, as I jokingly mentioned below? Gimme your suggestions in the comments. I know many of the powers-that-be check in on this blog, so they'll be interested in your ideas, too.

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